Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sat. night.... Late.

Late summer: Wallowa Co. 2000

In the downward, long lasting light of summer,
my portion of the world seemed to realize the end of a season.
and yet
not except it...
As if it were something not yet proven.
The first snow had come to the mountains,
and if you were early enough to rise......
Frost was a regular occurrence.
And yet the world continued unminding,
lounging in the mid day warmth....
A wholly enjoyable past time
if you weren't one to forget the story of the grass hopper and the bee....
Or the Donner party for that matter.
The shadows along the hill side were growing longer,
but there were still hours until dark.
If you knew Minum Canyon...
You would know how pretty it was,
and how feeble my attempt to describe it.
How the pine trees on the hill seemed to glow in contrast to the shadowed shady ground beneath them.
How the crickets were already singing below the rail road tracks on the other side of the river.
And how the simple joy of a black and white dog,
walking on all four legs,
for the first time in months......
could make you laugh out loud.....


Isaac said...

You, sir, are a fantastic writer. I'm glad you are doing this. I feel like these words, at this time, will be something to cherish in years to come.

David said...

Oh Joe. You have given tongue to a picture so precisely drawn that looking at it hurts the eye. I am tempted to take this verse and recite it to people that I know in the belief that we all are better hearing strings of words hammered out where we stand. In grief. In joy. Keep writing.