Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seattle, Wa. February 2011

    Once again I am amazed, though not surprised, at the twists and turns of my life. Yesterday I started North on I-5 from the farm caring nearly 700lbs. of pork. Not surprising I ended up in Seattle...... I know...
   What was wonderful and amazing though, was the reception and hospitality that we received once we got there. Chefs Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi at Revel (N. Fremont Seattle, Wa.) were fantastic! With in seconds of arriving we were welcomed into their restaurant, offered drinks and food, and generally treated like kings. Funny that I was traveling with Bubba King (of the collective) so maybe this kind of treatment is standard for him... (No really... That's his real name)
   What I have come to love about this job is the opportunity it affords me to be in the Field in the morning, and by afternoon I'm sitting in one of Seattle's best restaurants, eating the most amazing food I have had in ages!!! The genuine warmth with which we were received was such a pleasure after the van ride up; and I am truly grateful to Rachel and Seif... How they are running two restaurants, raising a seven month old, and have just bought a new house is beyond me.... How they operate with such humor, warmth, and genuine concern after all that..... Is truly a miracle!    
   Next it was on to Jason Stratton's "Spinasse" a modern Itialian restaurant on 14th and pine (one block off pike). Finding a parking place in that neighborhood alone was near impossible.... And getting a 220lb. whole pig down the street and in the door.... That was a  feat of shear brilliance on my part... I employed one construction worker, and two movers from the building next door, while a Jewish fella took photos... Actually he was Kosher, and though he had no problem helping to move a pig... he just wasn't going to eat any of it.... I made him the photographer....
   Again the generosity and humor of strangers is more than simply helpful... It is a joy and a pleasure. My thanks to thoses fella's for their help, and alot of laughs...
   Spinasse is a small modern Italian restaurant with maybe 20 tables and maybe eight seats at a hi-top table/bar looking into the kitchen. Jason Stratton and his business partner opened the restaurant to rave reviews and distinguished awards. I am really looking forward to this weekend and Sunday's event...!
   Among other things, The day here has been rainy, windy, and we've had, hail, snow, and sleet! I've spent the most of it in doors wondering if I've grown soft in my new found old age... But then with the thought of all the animals fed, and bedded down well, I let my mind relax, and look forward to tomorrow....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Morning Wallowa Co. 2008

It's strange,
so often It seems to me,
that I am so very much whole,
and yet,
at the same time,
so very incomplete.
Each day I travel from one into the next,
through darkness into light.
I put on my boots,
gather my dogs, and drive across the valley to work.
I like the idea of my self driving to work.
I like the sound and feel of my truck.
I like the way my boots lay on the floor board.
Gwen sitting beside me,
surounded by the clutter of my life.
My St. Joseph Statue,
my tools,
scraps of paper,
birds nests I have found,
marbles I have found,
my tool bag,
When I am driving in the early morning, I am defined by the day ahead of me.
contained by the labor that is expected of me,
and proud to see it's completion.
Satisfied in a thing well done.