Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Morning Wallowa Co. 2008

It's strange,
so often It seems to me,
that I am so very much whole,
and yet,
at the same time,
so very incomplete.
Each day I travel from one into the next,
through darkness into light.
I put on my boots,
gather my dogs, and drive across the valley to work.
I like the idea of my self driving to work.
I like the sound and feel of my truck.
I like the way my boots lay on the floor board.
Gwen sitting beside me,
surounded by the clutter of my life.
My St. Joseph Statue,
my tools,
scraps of paper,
birds nests I have found,
marbles I have found,
my tool bag,
When I am driving in the early morning, I am defined by the day ahead of me.
contained by the labor that is expected of me,
and proud to see it's completion.
Satisfied in a thing well done.

1 comment:

A. Lamb said...

Simple, visceral...beautiful. I love the structure of this and its eloquence.