Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Very Late

I am awake because I can not sleep. I have no desire to sleep, I have been awake for over twenty hours, I will pay dearly in the morning (for this) but it is beyond my control. I can not sleep.
  I am looking at my right foot. Once I sold my right foot. There is a curve to my right foot, while my big toe is straight, the other four toes seam to have their own ideas. Once I sold my left foot. I sold each hair on my head. I sold every thing in between. The cost was nothing.... I gave them away. To dispel the notion that ownership carries with it some inherent and just stewardship, I would like to offer my right foot...

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Michael said...

Good morning Joe,
Michael said he saw you in the green pasture with your sheep. Michael knew I would have taken your photo, for sure.
As I am a knitter, a lover of sheep and goats and bundles of wool. I even visited "Columbia Wool" on Columbia Blvd.
I am so proud of you and your endeavors & your writing! Carry on, my friend.
Thanks for sharing your poetry and ramblings!
Blessings from Mt. Hood,
Teri Byrne