Friday, February 7, 2014

Weather Report

Snow falls and the winter woods are quiet.
Song birds flit from branch to barren branch.
Their chirps and alarms break the pregnant silence.

.Chickadee, junco, nuthatch, and house wren.


Wind from the NNW 10-15mph
Eighteen degrees

Fog develops late in the afternoon
while herons stalk the parcel brown marshes.

The streambed
like coffee grounds
Lays black, against the buckskin bank.

Snow falls on the quiet winter woods.
      Chance of precipitation 80%


David said...

Jaysus, Joe-
I love the 'parcel brown marshes'….you have sketched out a weather report and more, an image of the day, with words. So excellent and rare. Sorry it took me four months to look at the post.

Joseph Porter Wells said...

Thanks David! I'm just in from checking the ewes and needed some grounding, things that I've written before help me do that. In the last 24hours I've had a single lamb born, three sets of twins, and a set of triplets! It's been a long day, and I've one more check to do before daylight, and heading out to shoe horses.... Thanks again. I'm glad the poem captured a moment, and that I was able to convey it through written words. It's nights like this that I read old poems, and for me also, they contain something that I can reconnect with-
All the best-