Tuesday, May 15, 2012

For my mother-

Looking for my  father tonight.
Now the page is blank.
Are you there?
You who will come after,
You whom are to come?

My father is gone.
My children, before me are gone.
Are you there,
You who is to come?
Still before me.

In that place left empty,
by those gone before me?
In that place left filled
by those who came before me?

Are you willing,
To take on what was not yours
To begine with;
And will be yours now?
The wight of it is not insignifigent.
It will be a burden to you,
And it is something of you
I can not ask.

If you are willing to go into that place,
I would hope that you might find joy.

That you would find comfort,
and be spared the sorrow that I have known.
And in comming into that place
be spared the sorrow
That I might have inflicted;
And that you might find your self there,
In the sorrow yet to come....


Raven_X said...

That about sums it up brother. I am sorry to say we are two of a kind, the void behind and the void before. I think we should talk about a project I am working on. I will contact you.

Joseph Porter Wells said...

Even emptiness has weight. And that's not a bad thing always.... People gone from us, leave in their absence, the sum of them selves, marked upon our memories and our hearts.... In our genes.

What is empty is now full beyond measure..... And now it is left to us to carry that weight with us.... I don't see a void really.... Emptiness has weight, so though those people are gone.... There is a weight, that I am thankful to Cary. If life (before and yet to come) were void/empty... Then there would be no weight.... It is for this reason that we have to remain faithful! In doing that we return in kind what we have been given.... Am I making any sense at all? Hmmmm.... And who's Raven_X? Well I look forward to hearing from you anyway!!!!