Sunday, June 3, 2012

Turn us loose-

My mind
Like a button drawer.
Where things are compiled

You will find me-

There amongst the string, and garden clippers,
The keys, broken Swiss army knives,
There amongst the tape measures and tacks,
There amongst the needles and thread,
The barbed hooks,

I am.

My mind is the canyons of my youth…
Where we rode the norths,
Like a school yard.
Our colts brash and impatient
Their breath billowed like incense in the autumn air.

Like prayers-

“turn us loose” they said
And we like them were wild.
“Turn us loose” they said
Turn us loose to slide
Haunches slide
Theirs and mine
Down through the breaks,
As quarters and lose change
Shale and skree 
Slide before us
“Turn us loose” we said
 I like them
And them like me-
            Were wild.

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