Sunday, June 3, 2012


The rain falls in ribbons
Rhythmic, consistent, chaotic.
To stand in it,
To stand in it, 
in your naked skin-
Is ecstasy.
Each drop
       Like love
Sharp and unrelenting,

How long?
How long could you endure a lover’s touch
Before you turn in your sleep toward her?
How long could you endure the presence of god?
Before you were driven mad?
And in your sleep
Touched so…
Which way would you turn?

The rain like a child’s cry in the night,
You curse the hour
As the rain, like ribbons
Seeps down across the broad if your back,
And pulls you from your sleep.

for a time,
like the rain,
avoids the small of your spine.
And in the beginning
Those places the rain does not touch-
You think of as your own.

But love,
Like the rain,
Like ribbons,
Across your whole being.

And now that place in your being…
No longer belonging to you
But to her…
Belonging to a needy child lonely in the night.

Rise now,
Turning to her your accomplice,
Turning toward him your masterpiece-
With all of your frustration,
With all of your fear,
To stand naked in the rain-
                        Endure love as long as you are- 

1 comment:

Kimberly Boyd said...

You are inspiring me to write again. I Have a few fair words put together in my repertoire. I will think on it a bit...keep on writing, my old friend.